A Classic Example of Why You Shouldn’t Pass Judgment on the NFL too Soon

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Power rankings are a popular subject this time of year however after just one week of action ranking teams 1-32 is a frivolous activity. I mean there were a few blowouts in week one, however we don’t really know how good or bad the team on the losing end really is since they’ve only played one team thus far…and they had no 2018 tape to work off heading into their week one matchup.  More than any other sport football is influenced by coaching and studying tape and as a result it’s truly the one sport where you really shouldn’t throw out too strong of an opinion until you have a decent sample size to work off of.

One notable media persona, Colin Cowherd, took the cake after week one when he released his top ten NFL teams.  See below for the full video, obtained from an article written by NESN.  It’s 3:10 in the video where they get to the Patriots which of course is my primary critique of this list.


Now top five in the NFL typically wouldn’t be anything to be offended by.  But this is after a week one which saw the super bowl runner up win in a game that was never in doubt.  That very same super bowl runner up also happens to have made seven straight appearances in the AFC title game, winning four and has won two of the past three super bowls.  Not to mention their coach and quarterback have won a record total of 5 super bowls together.  Rating the Eagles over the Pats is fine; the upstart Rams as well given all of their offseason moves.  The Chiefs should be lower than the Patriots but their ranking is not completely unreasonable.  But…the Ravens at number two is absurd.  The Ravens have missed the playoffs in four of the past five years and that offense hasn’t looked functional since Joe Flacco went on the hot streak of a lifetime to win the super bowl in 2012.  Their coach and QB are both respectable but overall they are living on reputation at this point.  I understand they won big in week one but it was against the Bills and if you think the Bills are winning more than two games this year then you’re probably a bit crazy…and I guess in that scenario you and Mr. Cowherd have something in common!


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