Max Kellerman’s Sanity May Need to be Questioned…

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Kellerman is notorious for predicting that Tom Brady will fall off a cliff.  It began over two years ago and he is apparently riding this take until Brady eventually retires on his own accord or does decline in play to the point of replacement.  While it’s bold to state that Brady will suddenly go from best in the game to mediocre overnight it really isn’t out of the realm of possibility given that historically QBs don’t have much success at his age.  Where Kellerman has really lost it is in his latest take where he states everyone except himself owes Mr. Brady an apology.  At this point it’s tough to take anything he says about Brady serious however he certainly can provide you with a laugh or too with his take here.  That’s worth something, right?  See below for the video from his show ‘First Take’ on ESPN.


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