NBA2K Ratings Have Leaked and the Celtics Hype is Real

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NESN posted an article last Thursday about the NBA2K19 being released and one thing stood out: the Celtics projected starting five is ridiculously strong!  Now this is hardly news to anyone, and we all know championships aren’t won on paper…but take a look at these five and their ratings.

Point Guard – Kyrie Irving (93)
Shooting Guard – Jaylen Brown (84)
Small Forward – Gordon Hayward (88)
Power Forward – Jayson Tatum (87)
Center – Al Horford (86)

That’s a stacked and very balanced lineup and they seemingly match up very well with Golden State.  I for one am pretty convinced the east is a foregone conclusion.  I mean when the worst (allegedly) player in your starting five averaged 18 PPG and 5 RPG during a playoff run to the Conference Finals in only his second year I think you’re in line to have a scary team…and that’s not even mentioning Scary Terry coming off the bench.

With that being said I looked at the Warriors starting five, and well…they’re pretty scary too.

Point Guard – Steph Curry 95
Shooting Guard – Klay Thompson 89
Small Forward – Kevin Durant 97
Power Forward – Draymond Green 87
Center – DeMarcus Cousins 90


Here’s to hoping for a matchup of these two teams come next May!  Maybe this guy will be the difference…


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